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Hmmm. It's not automatically two, I think it requires both users to have above X posts or something, I'd have to check. So if you're getting a second person who hasn't been around as much that might be part of it.

If you notice this happening in a specific instance, please save the link so I can check. All spam reports are logged so I can find out if something went wrong with them.
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"I'm spam; therefore I am"
I call bs on the 2 reports and it's gone setup in place. Quite a few times O know I'm not the only one reporting spam, and for an hour they multiply like aphids on a chili bush.

Why, yes I DO long for a ban hammer for obvious spam usernames.

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Happy times.
"I'm spam; therefore I am"
I have a much worse spam idea but not even posting it publicly in fear they might pick it up.
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I noticed that as well.
Think they've learned that off topic doesn't appear in the Now Playing, means they can spam and it takes a few extra minutes before it gets noticed.
They're becoming self-aware.
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How are you today, cat_sidhe?
Not very good. Trying, though. Thanks...
My alma mater already has a channel on IGTV
Tried to do the football thing again. Oh well, maybe next time.

Then again, I like F1, but I can't watch it on tv either.