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Maybe if I vape more itíll undo itself xD
I hear leeches might be a good alternative.
Nothing deep of course. Just to help block the chill.
Feel better. Maybe stuff some tissue in to keep the night cold out of the ear canal.
But seriously, kinda low key freaking out xD
Hehe, haha

You spelled that wrong. I'm sure you meant PPAP.
Uh oh, I think my vaping might have caused an inner ear infection. Iím freaking out now

I canít afford to lose my hearing. I gotta get this checked out ASAP. Thank god I switched back to the PPO plan.
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A girl on my softball team's a big Chiefs fan and we have an informal tradition of cheering for each other vicariously (we all went nuts for the Philly fan in the group a few years back).

Even on top of that, though, Mahomes is just special. He's the clear evolution of the position, and for my money the guys that change the way the position is played are the most amazing.
Here you go MG
I dont know about amazing and I don't think it is all him. If it wasn't for some other team mates KC wouldn't be where they are.
I know about amazing, but yeah, he should probably let the other guys play too
Wyldesyde19, I was looking for one that said "A Quarterback is only as good as his Receivers" but I found the PM one.