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This was the sign on the garage.

Damn liberals!
Neighborhoods or communities use to have welcome wagons for new residents. Whether they were self-serving or selfless is another conversation.

A family moved in to one of the old houses on the drive. Against my internal monologue, I decided to bring them a dozen of the greatest doughnuts on earth and welcome them to the neighborhood.

A lady finally came to the door with a kid, stayed inside and opened the door a little. I introduced myself, as did she, took the doughnuts and that was it.

These situations always stir my mind. The world we live in vs. perception vs. trying to be kind.
Bolo vs. Ahnald would have been a great face-off the world was denied of ever seeing.
I had never caught "Very good, but brick not hit back" from Bloodsport was a callback to Enter the Dragon.
Watching an old movie on a tv with a "smooth motion" effect could be used as a form of torture.
But, if you insist. I will assume control of your account.
Camo, I really need people to host countdowns and play in my chintzy football league.
Originally Posted by John McClane
I just love how Im expected to take care of all the house duties, and its not even mine....
The strong always take care of the not strong. Those that can, do. Those that can't, won't.

I don't know exactly what House duties are, but if it's general upkeep... I once lived with two friends who had differing views of upkeep.

They would look at me with these puzzled looks when I would scrub the floors by hand.
Like clockwork.
At least Japanese movies are there for me when I'm sad and lonely on a Friday night, since no one in my life understands. (Probably because nowadays I only have one person who talks to me, and he and I might as well be from different planets.)