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I had 2 GoBots. But after watching the cartoon and seeing metallic robots bend their legs and arms like wet noodles rather that jointed structures, it threw me right out. I can still see Cykill shooting a laser from his fist from overhead with a bend of the arm that looked like an elbow macaroni. And how they all shoot lasers without guns?!
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My bag was Transformers and GIJoe. Not that we could afford them.
You didnt have GoBots?... those were considered the cheap knockoffs of Transformers.
I never had TMNT toys, but loved the movies. Well, except for Turtles in Time I think it was? My bag was Transformers and GIJoe. Not that we could afford them. I did start getting into things like uh... Air Raiders and Sky Commanders. There was a Toy's Liquidators store near my grandparents house that was clearing house for toys that bombed. Crazy cheap stuff. I was mesmerized by the idea of that toy. Not nearly as awesome in person, as an only child with just one character. He needed any army of those stringy sliding guys to be cool.

wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle, yeah.
At least they got something right.
Also, Captain Marvel has, IMO, the best CGI of phase 3. That deaging is primo.
I feel better after leaving a bad survey than getting my order fixed/refunded. Does that make me an *******?

Side note: I didnít find out it was wrong till I was back at work.
I sold one in the past year or two. Batteries left in it, no corrosion

Thrower still worked. Box worth more than the toy.
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Oh sweet lord. I havenít seen one of those since my childhood. Oh the envy I had to be itís owner. 😅
Great news! Go enjoy your show, Ticketmaster can't help you.

RATM website, go to your point of purchase for a refund...