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Perfect weather for an Irish fishing sweater!
Originally Posted by John McClane
I love fall, too. I do not love the feelings fall gives me, tho.
Around here just as the weather got perfect for me to clean off our cluttered back porch, it started being rainy every day. O joy. I don't mind a slightly chilly fall day, even a rainy-ish one. But that means slippery wet leaves all over the ground that are difficult to sweep off the sidewalk for safety. (We have a huge magnolia tree that drops gargantuan leaves all over the sidewalks leading to our two most used entrances. Not safe!)

Otherwise autumn is my favorite.
Like the Irish fishing sweaters.
Well yeah, definitely will hold onto them for a week or two, but basically I am thinking about switching to grey long sleeve Hanes shirts and brown wool sweaters.

Safe move is to put them in a closet or storage for a few months in case you change your mind, of course. But I can see that working out.
So I think it's time to really commit to this life uniform business and toss out like 90% of my clothes. I can't deal with decisions anymore.
I love fall, too. I do not love the feelings fall gives me, tho.
I love fall, myself. Hiking time! A hike is a good way to clear the mind and boost the spirits. Hit the trail!
Probably the season change.
Bleck, I am feeling depressed and I don't know why