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Det luktar fljt. 🤘
I dunno. Maybe I'll watch some Escaflowne. My only big plans are for tomorrow to go see Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind in the theater.
Gonna get one of my body parts bleached. Then watch Matlock. Nice quiet sunday.
Anybody got plans tonight? Pretty sure Billions is free.
That would be a "blessing in da skies".
Learn summat everyday, always thought it was "sniff this pie".
"Please excuse me, while I kiss this fly! *guitar*
When you kill a fly and put it in the trash with all the dirt and rotten stuff, its kinda like heaven for a fly.
Originally Posted by doubledenim
When you find out one of the people you grew up with through high school was involved in a police standoff that ends with a fatality.

Sad news. Makes you realize your stuff could be worse.
That is sad. I've lost a few school friends but never in this way.