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It'll be ok, prolly nobody'll notice but even if they do they'll all be far too polite to say anything
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S'ok, I do the same to yin all the time
Iím glad that I stayed on brand. Edits a single shout more than any shout in history and still leaves an unintentional typo.

Iím so happy I may shed a tear 🤗
Dagnabbit, saw the new user DeliaGoree and thought we had a new horror afishynado in da house until I checked their profile
S'ok, I do the same to yin all the time
Utmost apologies dear monk, did not see you there. I have a knack of combing the litter of the Shoutybox like one does a zen garden.
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alrighty. i'm out of steam. merry christmas and all that.

And just like that, we pull the blankets up on this tuckered out little 🐅 , gently tossle his hair. As I reach across the racecar bed to pick up a glass with an Ovaltine haze, the tiny tiger king quietly mutters, "Starscream would never leave Skeletor behind, best friends don't...."

Good night sweet prince, you've got a big day ahead of you.

*as the door gently closes shut and takes with it the last sliver of light that today has to offer*

The rhythm of the keys' dangling from the night janitor's gas station carabiner, play an arrangement keeping time for our solitary hero's march to sunrise...
Tousle (tousel) - to rumple or dishevel
Tussle - to fight with
Tossle - to give oneself sexual gratification

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Or just like maybe talk about movies?

Wait, I donít have a leg to stand on. Carry on.
I do wonder if anyone's gotten banned for having some really bad movie opinions. Like saying The Birth of a Nation is too progressive.
'nite yin, sleep tight