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Ran across this on Bandcamp this evening

They arrested CNN reporters filming live doing nothing before they arrested that cop.

Good ole America
About damn time
Former Minneapolis cop Derek Chauvin charged with Third Degree Murder, Manslaughter.
As soon as you bite the inside of that lip the first time, cue the reruns.
Thats sounds fine as frog hair.
Just found out my personal property tax is due a month later than I thought. Time to dance a jig.
Iím back in $uavs. Letís hope I donít regret it
Yin Wootf - Bow reincarnate or The King of Stephens? That is the question.
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Man, busy week! As we start to reopen, we are getting slammed at work! (Don't say it, ynwtf... )

Anyway...not much MoFo time this week.

Good morning, all!