The Shoutbox
Strap this to your glad ass!
I'm sure Gladys is relieved that they have not abandoned her. coral puns are good tho.they are reef for the taking!
From the pics it doesn't look like they have any pips on their shoulders so unlikely it was a General one. If anything being accustarded is more akin to Corporal punishment anyway.
was it a violent accustard or just a General Accustard?
It's all a terrible, terrible mess .... apparently initial reports were slightly confuddled, reports now say they had a yellow goo thrown at them which I think means they were actually accustarded.
were you the accosted the accost.... hm. accostigator? the accostodile? an accostaroo? what kind of critters you got over wherever you are? and do they all start with 'accost?' poor, poor lil critters. ACCOSTYMUNK!!!! it all finally makes sense!
This just in: A man was arrested in the city centre this afternoon having walked from St. Stephen's Green to the top of O'Connell Street accosting every male passer-by, demanding to know if they were 'Bob'.
Yo man, Iím picaresque
I hate being stuck at my desk
Grotesque but still the best
I ainít giving it a rest
So just back off, ya pest
Test me and then youíll see
I got more knives than John Wick 3
Yeah, I thought I'd mix it up
And put fruit punch in my cup
I got a hunch
I'm probably skipping lunch
Bunch of work today
I ain't got no say
I gotta do it anyway
"Repeat after me- 'You will love Bob'".

"Now on the count of five you will waken, feeling totally refreshed and remembering absolutely nothing about this conversation ..... one ..... two .... three .... four ...."