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My worst fears concerning the evil geniuses at Apple have come true.

Sell an entry level phone with no battery life and no external headphone jack, just to have people wade in to the waters and justify buying the better one next time
Is that after you ask them to stand on the plastic?
If I'd been a rapper I'd have called meself Shweet.
Might not sound very 'gangsta' but there's plenty ladies love to unwrap a shweet
Golly. These up-n-coming rappers are so phukking phickle amn't they.
denimem will do just fine, stank you.
Originally Posted by doubledenim
Shhh....I was trying to keep that part of my life a secret 😄
Wait ..... your username doesn't translate to enimenim then?
All this time I've been thinking you were closely related to a famous rapper.
Who knew??
Originally Posted by Chypmunk
Shhh....I was trying to keep that part of my life a secret 😄
Originally Posted by John McClane
Say what you will but Resident Evil is one of the most coherent franchises ever. Ive only done it once but watching then from end to end is pretty awesome to behold. That alone makes me forgive a large portion of their missteps.
It's a franchise where the third movie is about a world where all the water has dried up and the fourth movie is about reaching a boat in the middle of the ocean. It's not so much coherent as it is good at proving why literal coherency is not the be-all and end-all of what makes films worthwhile.
Ok, that makes 3 mistakes I just delete corrected. Screw the last one.