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And that mic choice is pure preference. My voice sounds awesome on the Beta 87a.
Donnie, You got struck by lightning last summer you were on vacation in Tahoe, I don't think braces is a good idea.
Shout bump. I'm stoked!
Yo, I just read the manual for that PreSonus mixer I ordered. Heck yeah, it is going to be just the ticket for the next couple years.

Apparently, it has a SuperChannel (inputs 7/8) that will sum 4 separate stereo sources.

RCA, 3.5, Bluetooth 4.1, and SD card/USB.

So like, if I do a live show I could, in theory, do everything with a Beta 87A, SD card, and mixer/PA.
Couldn't find a baby Yoda hanging from a clothes line =/
Hang in there.
4 days dry. Going up the wall. Must stay strong.
Oh lo lolo
Not bad ...not bad at all. But I was thinking more Cap'n Hadley's tax return.