The Shoutbox

Pyrex is a nice touch.
Look for the pair of sneakers tied together thrown over the power lines.
Ok, you've now inspired me to go find a shop that sells cakes
Here's a piece of Mocha Brownie ice cream cake.

Gulldangit. The slice of pie looks like a heavenly one I used to order at my favorite pub in the town where I used to live. Wonder what's on their menu now?
Let's hope Yoda doesn't notice these.....

Yeah, we should start a food testing club. For scientific purposes.

On that note, that story sounds strangely relevant to my life.

It needs more photos of cake though. And pie.
Wow, first time I've ever inspired someone in a positive manner

Just shout if you need any assistance with taste-testing

There isn't really much else to the story tbh. Basically Isobel dumps Oliver for being a condescending smart-ass and goes on to have a healthy, happy life whilst Oliver just gradually occupies more and more space until he explodes whilst waiting for a #43 to take him to the cake shop.
Well, Cormac McCarthy got away with being a best-selling author who uses sparing punctuation. James Joyce, too.
You've inspired me to look up recipes on how to bake them at home...

Do go on with your story. Maybe throw in some food photos if it assists the plot.