The Shoutbox
Originally Posted by Wyldesyde19
Water pistols Super Soakers at dawn. 20 paces.
Be there or be bare
First it giveth, then it taketh away
Water pistols at dawn. 20 paces.
Be there or be bare
In that case I choose candelabras at dawn - I demand satisfaction Sir!
This shall not be forgiven. No sir!
You're welcome Wylde - welcome to the wonderful world of Meester Wootf
Way to leave me Hanging Chyp. Now my shout just looks off and out of place 🤨
John. Click the guys links. Were using you as a guinea pig
I just passed out from exhaustion from doing nothing. Tough life indeed.
Especially because linking it three times in a row in Shoutbox doesnt send off warning signs in any way at all......