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When I was 12 years old, I would have rather gone to Fuddruckers than Disneyland.
Doping allegations over this year's Tour. Dang, I just don't know what to believe anymore.
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So the other day my dad was talking smack about the Chinese. I try to steer him away from topics that eventually lead there but this time it was kinda interesting.

He told me a story about a vacuum chamber company that tried to move its manufacturing to China, so they get it all moved and train the staff about the assembly.

Dude leaves and comes back a week or two later and they are all excited because they have found a way to save money. Well, the guy is like...haha, you funny, no you didn't...pump it down to vacuum.

Well, anyone who knows anything about vacuum chambers will realize that they just developed a really expensive way to crush metal.
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I'm in a blue zone. Despite recent problems the Sea/Tac area is having, it will always be one of the best places to live.
R.I.P. Gale Sayers.
And just like that the warm weather is rolling back in.
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I will forever read it as that. Fits my assumption too!
Happy days
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Arthur 'Fonzarelli' Iguillera?
I will forever read it as that. Fits my assumption too!