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there are more cameras outside.
You laugh but you dont know the bounds of my stupidity.
All while the #1 streamed song, Yellow Die #5, is playing in the background.
Congratulations! The future is now. We will be with you shortly to begin the chip installation process.
My biggest fear in life is that the database will become the new deity, and one day AI will mistakenly identify me as a person of interest.

I need to get out more.
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I really want to write a song about Yellow Dye #5 now.
I really want to write a song about Yellow Dye #5 now.
That feeling if disappointment when I have scathing comeback for a discriminatory post, only to see it has been removed as spam...
Yeah, sometimes the ol' blue box really hits the spot. I can't disagree that "real" mac and cheese is better, but sometimes you crave the simple/familiar thing, in the same way McDonald's burgers are their own thing apart from good burgers. Basically a different food, where you can crave that thing specifically and not just "a burger," for which there are generally much better options.
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Yellow dye #5. Might as well check right into a cemetery...
Kraft changed their recipe and removed artificial dyes and preservatives a few years ago.

I've always loved the stuff and still eat it on occasion. Guess I'm in the minority here.

I did not know that! Good to know... (I have a wee one who loves mac and cheese).