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Omg my typing tonight.
We gonna ignore the other 364 days?

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I think I agree with your #1. I would replace the Oatmeal Creme Pie with the Fudge Round any day. They're pretty tasty!
The fudge round may be more texture than taste, but it's bliss.
Simples: loopy, lupin, lupine, Hungry Like The Wolf.
How'd-do doo d-do doo d-do did you know my next nom??
Tomato, salamander. Queso Saran Duran. Duran.
I'd say eating swiss rolls still in their plastic wrap is barbaric. Tomato, salamander. Queso Saran Duran.

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I used to unwrap Swiss Rolls, but I think that's barbaric these days.

What's crazy is they didn't even come up with the idea. They just stole it from some European pastry expo.
Omg my typing tonight.
Oh, and yeah, I sure wish I had Zoom stock right about now.

We did buy 100 shares of Carnival stock this past week.
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God, I hate Zoom.

And I'm not happy with the fact that they created a monopoly overnight.
What don't you like about Zoom? It's fairly straightforward and we're having no trouble using it for various board meetings, etc.