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Repairing stuff is basically pointless nowadays. Just get a new one.
just got the estimate to fix my watch and it was twice what I paid for it

Just don't take out liability only because we're gonna beat the hell out of it.
Buy the second car and give it to one of your Mofo friends.
Speaking of brain cells, I got an email a few minutes ago saying I'm entitled to a class action lawsuit settlement against Juul. But I'm holding out for the one against the US Government for taking away my mango and mint Juul pods. Pain and suffering! Mental anguish!
They figured I only have two brain cells or something... Terrible deal!
They figured you got two feet and two hands. Why can't you drive both?
VW sends me an email today "Exciting news! We have a 2015 Jetta for sale you will love!"

I currently own a 2013 Jetta with only 61k miles on it. The one they are advertising has 82k on it.

"Only 15,000 dollars!"

It's the exact same car, with the same options, and it's even the same color.

So in other words, I drive my car to the dealership, sign a paper that says I owe them 15k, and then leave in the exact same car except it has an additional 20k miles on it.

I think I'll pass.

Duncan Idaho! Harkonnen's he'll destroy,
Duncan Idaho! Always protects his boy

It practically writes itself.
Originally Posted by Torgo
Random thought for sure, but imagine how good an Indian Dune movie would be. Song and dance would be an ideal way to fill you in on the plot, the characters' backstories, etc.
The duney planet's fine, Paul Atreides!
Minor space engine made, Paul Atreides!
Anybody need this spice, Paul Atreides!
You need a sword to fight, Paul Atreides!
Legs?! Where we're going we don't need legs.