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Ugh, now I remember why I gave up drunk shouting
It was kind of the kiss of death to announce your sequel in the 80s. I liked Dr. Detroit, but never got the Wrath of Mom.
I cant believe they never made another Buckaroo Bonsai flick. He was gonna take on the World Crime League, whatever that is. Bet he would have won. I can tell ya that. Them smart guys can kill ya with their brains. It's true. Do your research.
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My 151 days are long behind me. But yeah, that drink
Pfft! My husband's 61 and still drinks 151-proof rum! Just two weeks ago, as a matter of fact.

Of course, he puked it all up in a cruise ship stateroom bathroom, but... he did drink it!
More like youíre gonna greet the sun streaming in those blinds.
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Taking recommendations for things to watch
Rings of powah will put you right out. I guarantee it...
Having a dipping sauce holder in your vehicle is the first sign you need to re-evaluate your life.

Itís not turning out the way you hoped it would.

Iím a let the speech to text take the brunt of my typing. Well I got a southern accent so pretty I canít comprehend what I speak

Yep I think itís time to call tonight. Taking recommendations for things to watch
Ok, that one I exaggerator