The Shoutbox
Suffice it to say, itís just a typical Sunday.
My mom is involved with an email flame war with someone she went to high school. She wonít listen to me to how to handle it and then she complains about it to me. And gives me play by play of whatís going on.
Should rename this to The Shushbox today
Originally Posted by Cobra
omg i remember that game!! lol
Sleep baby sleep
Thereís a morning to come
The wind in the trees
Theyíre talking in tongues
Iím slowing down the tune
I never liked it fast
You want to get there soon
I want to get there last

Itís not because Iím old
Itís not the life I led
I always liked it slow
Thatís what my momma said
ĒOffend me...with the mayonnaise.Ē
ĒOffend me...with the mayonnaise.
Thatís great Holden. Looking forward to see how many get it right! 🤗