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Little late but:

Fringe is a deeply flawed show that I have a ton of affection for anyway. It's super messy and occasionally absurd but when it's good, it's incredibly good, and it has some of my favorite moments of any TV show, ever.
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it was an IT certification that work sponsored. i was 21 questions away from passing.

these sorta tests are stupid AF
What cert?
After the success(?) or greenlit second season of Tokyo Vice, I was hoping Mann would get it made as an HBO series. There is no way itís close to the book as a movie.

Read it!!!
Heat 2 casting rumors have Austin Butler in Val Kilmerís role, along with Kylo Ren and Al Pacino.

Driver could pull a young Hanna if not for one, not so little detail.
Risky Biscness:
An empire built one managerís special at a time.
Risk it if you want that biscuit
I don't know man, it's kinda fringe
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started Fringe

first viewing
Good show.
started Fringe

first viewing
PG version of TikTok utilizes dial-up.
TikTok saying they have protections when kids are smart enough to get around it.