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Or smoke crack.
Bunch of sissies. Y'all need to drink more whiskey.
Unrelated: How is will.15 still on the leaderboard? I see you people in here shouting all the time. When are you folks gonna get serious?
Originally Posted by Austruck
We have a bunch of moonshine flavors here. It's fun at Thanksgiving to do shots of moonshine with my kids AND my mom. Doesn't every family do this?
I love this lady. Don't you ever change...
I eat asbestos for breakfast. Tasty!
I can smell the asbestos here! Enjoy!
Currently at the Capri Theater in Montomery, AL, to see Moonage Daydream. This is a single screen theater built in 1941, I believe.
Prime does something similar. Try a free month.

Streaming services are great to you if you join then cancel. I got Starz a while back for 6 month for $9.99 and put my cancelation in the following month. Once the 6 months was over they sent me an email, an additional 12 months at $19.99. I took advantage of that.

Also got Peacock Premium for 12 months dirt cheap.

Keep offering me better deals, I will continue to subscribe. Raise the price and you lose my business.
(sighs). what a day.
That spammer liked the d, it seems...