The Shoutbox
like a band-aid.
Well, yeah, because it'll be ripping off Fight Club.
"Bob had bitch ****" is probably a line you won't be hearing in movies again. Is that good or bad?
I don't understand either. I'm sure its racist to ask. How do u live with yourself?
Ok, really not understanding why anyone would need batteries for one of those?

*This shout can be ignored if a Mexican Shortwave turns out not to be a breed of domestic animal
But how else am I going to listen to the Mexican shortwave?
Sorry, can't help with batteries but I'm pretty sure I have an old pair of 3 D glasses around here somewhere if that would help?
Now does anyone have 8 D cell batteries they can spare?
I am now the proud owner of my gramps Sears, Roebuck and Co. boombox.
Originally Posted by Sedai
Hoping Andor isn't terrible...
I am really digging it.
Just call me Mr. Shout Necromancer.

"Arise, cheekin', arise."
The one-for-one water will change your life. Take it from Jean Claude Van Damme.