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Less spammers is always a good thing! Some months ago there was an attack I seen late night...It's always good to see them go poof!
It's kinda funny how simple they can be, for that reason. Some people have had success literally just renaming the registration file.
Originally Posted by Citizen Rules
Yoda, can you tell us in brief what you changed? But only if it won't tip off future spammers.
Thankfully, these things are dumb and only worth doing if they're doing en masse, indiscriminately. It's not worth their time to try to make exceptions for individual sites, they just look for a certain software type and then run set instructions, which is why the countermeasures can be so effective.
It's a clever little thing: it just blocks registration if the submission comes within 15 seconds of the start of the process, since bots are basically instant and humans never complete it that fast.
Yoda, can you tell us in brief what you changed? But only if it won't tip off future spammers.
Mod seems to be working great. Cool. Might adjust, might run into other types, but for now, great.
Just installed a mod that might help with spambots (not that most of them do much more than register). So far so good.
Online shopping got its hooks into me with all the free packaging I got out of it for my burgeoning eBay empire
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This time of year, with all the online ordering, I like to lay all the empty boxes in a few rows on my living room floor. I then smear green eye shadow all over my face in tribal-like markings. A latex glove over the top portion of my skull makes for an excellent representation of reptilian back spikes. Finally, with Gwen Stefani's Harajuku Girls playing on repeat, I stomp on all the boxes pretending I'm Godzilla. *reh-REEEeeeee!*
Hey. Some people just wanna watch the world burn. *smile + sneer* = :smeer: