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Originally Posted by ynwtf
Presonus Studio One
That's what I have!
The battery thing kills me though. I bought the LG G3 new and have put 2 batteries in it. It still serves as my podcast device.

This day and age, to have to throw something away when the battery goes kaput...
I'm probably gonna buy a 2-3 y.o. newstock iPhone. I use my phone for the bare minimum. Call. Text. Browse. And the random app the world forces me to use because of circumstance and I delete as soon as it's purpose has been served.
I enjoy Apple's marketing efforts.
Ehh, I dunno. I think Macs are overrated for the money you have to spend. I had to work with Macs for years in a publishing office. They crashed. They had issues. They were slow sometimes. Add on the fewer pieces of software available, the proprietary elements, and the price? Well, for my own self, I'll stick with the PC world, which I've been swimming in probably nearly as long as you've been alive, if not more.

If someone is a tech idiot diving into computers for the first time, a Mac might make sense. MIGHT. But even my techno-phobic mom and dad have had PCs for years now. The sort of issues they've had could have been Mac issues (mostly connectivity to the internet, which ended up being Comcast issues).

Different strokes for different folks. I don't go out of my way to bash Macs, but I just don't see the appeal for all that extra money. I only ever had one PC that was a joke -- and that was because I made the mistake of buying a "gamer PC." Never again.
Originally Posted by John McClane
I dunno how itís going to handle Logic, though. Iím hesitant to buy it.
Presonus Studio One has a 30-day demo. Their DAW software is all 50% off atm for a few days still. Studio One Pro and Artist (pro light?) Are $200 and $50, respectively. Just fyi.
I dunno how itís going to handle Logic, though. Iím hesitant to buy it.
Like I finally get all the things that were said to me when I **** talked them. I have had zero crashes in GarageBand on a 10 year machine. It just works. Slowly, but it works.
Straight out of the box itís far more capable as a production machine.

Still. Iíd stay far away from these new MacBooks.

But if you want one Amazon has this years best sale going on for the 2017 and 2019 MacBook Air.
As someone who used to not understand why people bought Macs it now kinda pisses me off when people **** on Macs for no real reason other than itís expensive.

Iíve seen the light. Doesnít mean Iím going to buy a new one, though. But I can see why you would want to but Iím not like these other idiots out here bashing because Iím poor.
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