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The Hulkster only has eyes for Brooke, brother!
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I just know I canít ever watch the show again because of Bryan Singer
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itís not the surgery and the pain that makes House a horrible person. he was always a horrible person from the way people talked about him before all that. but what truly made him toxic was being an addict. dude was addicted to solving medical mysteries and being right. he didnít care about anything else. and thatís why heís an ASS
I mean, thatís fair. But I donít think that makes someone an ass. If by Ďanything elseí we mean Ďpeopleí, I donít think itís fair to judge someone for not caring about other people. Itís almost something uncontrollable. (I personally think House does care about people in his own way).
House made it clear that he only cared about solving problems and not the people associated with the problem. He only cared about being right. His treatment of his colleagues and patients were reprehensible. And this isnít about his addiction either. He once said he envied a mentally challenged person because they didnít have to act polite in accordance with societies norms.
I didnít say anything about his addiction originally, that wasnít me, so I agree addiction isnít particularly relevant to his personality. I donít know, I guess having worked in a fair few toxic jobs, I feel for him even in this environment. About the mentally challenged person, I even feel that one in my own way because Iíve always struggled socially and sometimes it feels like you just canít win with Ďsocial normsí. I was treated by a doctor after all other doctors internationally gaslit me saying there was nothing wrong with me. My doctor for my life-changing surgery was personable, but he did encroach on a few of my personal boundaries, he tried bringing my family into things even when I wasnít comfortable with it. He was no House, but I think he cared about figuring out what was wrong and fixing it more than he cared about my feelings, and I think thatís okay. He did the job, thatís what matters. Itís a complicated subject for sure, but Iím not sure Iíd have even agreed to the surgery if a doctor was all Ďoh itís entirely up to you, keep living as youíve been living if you feel like ití, even though that surgery changed my life. So yeah, I donít think itís a clear-cut thing, but I also disagree that we should prioritise empathy and social norms over hard medical expertise. My family doctor whoís treated my family for about 40 years is the opposite of them both, a very ethically driven, religious woman. She makes me very uncomfortable, the type of person that tells kids not to get braces because Ďyouíre beautiful just the way you areí. So I think itís all about what types of personality work for the patient, and it definitely isnít always cheesy Cameron-type people.