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I think TK is kinda like a true crime deal, which by all numbers, seems to be some of the biggest pod and show genres right now. Then again, popularity doesnt necessarily denote quality, I guess.
Evil Dead musical's old, I never saw it, I just heard the soundtrack. Pretty funny/good.

Tiger King is genuinely good/entertaining, worth a look.
I may have to watch that show. I really have no interest in it. I felt it was so over hyped I don't even like to say its name. You guys are really writing some words tho. When's the evil dead musical coming out? That I want!
I have to wonder if that's usually the case with dramatic adaptations of documentaries - if the reality-based approach is enough to hook an audience that prefers fiction, how much does it really benefit from receiving a full dramatisation? The one upside is that it means boiling down a five-hour miniseries into a feature that would (ideally) keep it under two hours, but even then it's not that interesting as a narrative and trying to give each subject its due attention in a constricted timeframe would prove difficult. Again, it just keeps pointing to "maybe don't do this" and the fast turn-around on the adaptation (plus the fact that it doesn't seem to be the only one out there) suggests that people really are trying to capitalise on a meme more than anything else.
I didn't watch but maybe 1 episode, but I'd be down for the ridiculousness of a musical!
Correct. That kinda thing could actually work/add something to what's already there (there's some really funny stuff in the Evil Dead musical, for example). A movie doesn't, if anything I think it would be less interesting than the documentary. The exception, of course, is when enough time passes that people kinda forget and can be reintroduced to it through a movie, but geez, at least wait a year or two for that.

It's such a weird situation because it seems transient enough that they need to "strike while the iron is hot," even though the iron's lukewarm.
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Wait. Having not read anything on this topic other than these few shouts, are you saying this is going to be a musical? Or are you playing with my naive hopefulness?
No, I believe that is just Yoda suggesting a way in which an adaptation of Tiger King could be more interesting than simply turning it into a straightforward dramatisation (though no less ill-advised).
Wait. Having not read anything on this topic other than these few shouts, are you saying this is going to be a musical? Or are you playing with my naive hopefulness?
Yeah this has "the Internet makes Snakes on a Plane do a quick rewrite" coming off it.

The economics of Netflix shows and movies are wildly different, the former probably gets a lot more mileage out of this stuff. And that's when it's relatively easy and uncomplicated to go to a theater.

Now, a musical, that could work.
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Did everyone else know that Nic Cage was playing Joe Exotic and nobody told me?
I did, but I didn't mention it because Tiger King a) sucks, b) hasn't been a thing for months, and c) doesn't need a Hollywood dramatisation.
That took a weight off my shoulders, as I never got around to it...
Yeah, you're better off at this rate. I have to wonder if it would've been as big a deal if it hadn't been released during those first few months of quarantine and people were extra desperate to watch anything distracting on Netflix.
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I never knew TK sucked, because you didn't do a review to tell me what I should think.

And any vehicle featuring Kate McKinnon and Nic Cage is needed.
Since when have I ever reviewed TV shows?

I think Cage's talents are better utilised elsewhere, especially when casting him to play Joe Exotic just sounds like a lazy executive picking the first wacky actor to come to mind and calling it a day. Kate McKinnon will definitely help the production to feel like a feature-length SNL skit.