The Shoutbox
So as far as I can tell the potential growth on the money I am thinking of withdrawing is about $2000 less than the interest I would pay on the debt I want to use it for. Geez, this is tough. I really donít want to touch my retirement but Iíd like the breathing room. Too bad the repayment option of the withdrawal makes no sense to me and would require an accountant to file.
There's a spammer on the loose again
A spammer on the loose
There's a spammer on the loose again
A lazy spammer on the loose
Tin Lizzee
WTH.. a spammer on the loose!
Take the only tree that's left and stuff it up the hole in your culture.
Just a sea of greenery.
Aye, scary thing is the more the world burns the greener the Appalachians get. I ainít never seen skeeters like we got now.
No more sunshine here. Only smoke. People are running out of apocalyptic adjectives for 2020.
One more week and Iíll be basking in the warmth of nostalgia that is Super Mario Sunshine: 2020 is starting to turn the corner.
Oh snap, I did not realize the CARES Act allows for tax free loans from your retirement account. Provided certain things are met.
That is awesome and makes me want to avoid cities even more now.
This is pretty crazy...