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That's annoying. Sure it's not rolling around in your backseat? If not, I'd demand a refund.
I know I just bought four drinks and got three.
So Im one of those people that wont speak up when they think theres been an error ringing up items. I need to work on that. Im sure Ive overpaid quite a bit because of it.
It is so nice to be able to be able to go in to a store and buy movies again.
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*note to self: scratch the word "linoleum" from my vocabulary for at least six years as a mark of solidarity

Nr frsvann hon d? Jag har inte varit s aktiv heller
*note to self: scratch the word "linoleum" from my vocabulary for at least six years as a mark of solidarity
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also, wb cat.
also, wb cat.
well, today was supposed to be drive day but that ain't happening. I'm only now getting to box the remaining items we left behind the first trip in that I've had to rip and scrub flooring in both basement and a bedroom this entire week. I've hauled off countless loads of "stuff" that mom had collected over years to goodwill and the local dump, doing things I thought were done before coming up. I honestly thought this house was in moving condition and for what repairs remained, I would only have to let contractors in to do their thing. Nah.

I know this is not likely the rule, but I would suggest anyone considering contracting out home renovations, avoid the big box stores like Lowes and Home Depot. I can't say this is policy, but the stores we've dealt with do not have contractors staffed and sub out to out-of-state crew. They also pay bare minimum rates, so the quality of work reflects the rate. We literally had one guy drive two hours to walk in and then walk right back out because he wasn't told he'd be pulling linoleum up. That's after fighting HD for over two months to stop randomly cancelling our contract orders they could never explain.

Anyway. I've found a few local, competent guys to fill the gaps that HD and Co. have created. They start next week---three days after I leave having been here two weeks already.

I'm having to abandon so much undone work today as I have to pack and load the trailer just to be able to get out by morning. I think the worst of it is that I've had so much rage during this process that I've flipped a switch. I don't really care if the work gets done, the stuff that could have been sorted in the months leading up to this. All I can seem to see at this point is everything that wasn't done. Or what was done, was half-assed at best.

Just venting. No need to repost anything in reply to this, please, unless you just want to pile on your PTSD from using Lowes or HD for botched work and orders?
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FL faildictions (ausfhrung 1.0):
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