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Get well soon, fuzzy!
bleh. i feel like cruppiedoo today.

DD, I saw that article too. lotta people replying stuff like "I'll pay a tip to offset a waiting gig's low pay and for providing service, but not for pushing a product over a counter!" I think he was making $15 an hour. Not that that negates a tip, but tipping seems to have evolved and I'm not sure where I am on that evolutionary chart.

fuzzy stuff.
From today’s AP News article…

“Schenker says it’s hard to sympathize with consumers who are able to afford pricey coffee drinks but complain about tipping. And he often feels demoralized when people don’t leave behind anything extra — especially if they’re regulars.

“Tipping is about making sure the people who are performing that service for you are getting paid what they’re owed,” said Schenker, who’s been working in the service industry for roughly 18 years.”

The quote is from a barista in graduate school.
Canal Street’s finest!
T. Lou Vuittonne is some decent knock-offs.
Yea, I think the one scene with the pallet walk was them throwing the gamers a wink.
Hello MoviePass, where have you been?
I haven’t played the game. And I think it’s far to say that your pallets have been foreshadowed.
Episode 1 of TLoU didn’t set the hook, but #2 sure did. Those sets 😳🥹

The non-gamer experience is what I’m waiting to hear about. It’s hard to do a story people already know, but they are on the right track.

On the other hand, it’s crazy to see such high production values put towards a show based on a game. As long as they keep those f’n pallets away….
That sucks.