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Maybe that is the next thing for me. It gets so much praise, but just one of those things I never watch. Then again, there is season 2 of Westworld.
Been watching VEEP. Funny machine gun jokes. Just everyone is Michael Scott and Dwight Schrute.
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My kitty's not doing well. He still won't eat, is running a fever, and has pancreatitis. He's spending the night at the emergency clinic on IV fluids and they're going to do an ultrasound and more blood tests.
I'm rootin' for that lil' stinker!
So I let neglected my mail and Im just now seeing a letter telling me my endocrinologist is retiring the end of the month. I had an appointment scheduled for the second week of April: FML
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Omg. Best wishes to you and kitty, Miss Vicky.
Im sorry to hear that as well. I was hoping the lil guy was ok after the initial surgery. Just not wanting to eat new food, as all my pets have done over the years. In my experience, the E.R. vets have always been more thorough and investigate more than my 'family vet'. Not sure why, but both my local vet and the one I used when visiting mom were both easy to overlooking dismiss symptoms my Dootle-bug had. The E.R. vets were all over that and really helped. I'm hoping you find a similar experience with yours.
Sorry to hear that. Always tough when an animal's sick, for many reasons.