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So you're saying your wedding was a magical gathering.
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I sold my set for around $200 when I got out. Not bad considering their original cost.

Sold a large portion of my most valuable M:TG cards in 2016. Used the funds to pay for my wedding.
12 hrs till Bad Religion. I gotta work 6 of those hours and drive the rest of it. Yay
That's really cool that something like that happened.

How many questions did you get in?
Yoda got to meet him with me that first time in 1994 -- we drove to Cleveland for our first Al concert when Yoda was ten (for his birthday). We had no idea that standing around the theater for an hour afterwards would work, but other folks were trying it too, so we hung around. It worked and they all came out and were VERY gracious. Yoda got to meet him with me one or two more times. Once we had Al's keyboardist in our car when we gave him a lift to his hotel in exchange for getting us in to meet Al!
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Not to sound green with envy or ignorant (w/o bliss) @Austruck but how do you happen to come by all these VIP tickets - first it's crooning with Weird Al and now it's smoozing (sp?) with Mel. - does Yoda get these tickets thru the business? Is there someplace to find them on a website? Is it a trick ????

And what did you think of good ol Mel????

(Enquirering lil green minds want to know )
I buy them and pay lots of my husband's hard-earned money. I follow Weird Al's career and get emails whenever he does something. Before the two VIP passes, I'd gotten to see/meet him maybe close to a half dozen times since 1994 (the first time). You used to be able to just patiently hang around the venue after a concert, and if you waited long enough, most of the band would come back out and schmooze with whomever was still there. He's too popular to do it that way anymore, so he started offering VIP upgrades to concert tickets. I've been buying them. The guy's turning 60 this year, so I haven't got a clue how long he'll keep going on tour.

As for Mel Brooks, that Blazing Saddles Q&A tour passed through my hometown -- at the old vaudeville theater where I used to work as a teen. I drove the 350 miles back home (in winter) to attend. My brother got regular tickets (through the radio station where he works), and we were just going to go to the Q&A, but I figured hey, Mel's 90 years old now. This is my one shot to meet him. So I upgraded to the VIP seats down front and got to meet him after the show.

The Q&A was great fun -- he sat on stage with an interviewer and also took questions from the audience. Man, that guy is nonstop energy! He's also very gracious with the photos. He threw his arms around me and kissed me on the cheek. I'm giggling in the photo.

Life is short. I'm upgrading everything from now on.
Haunted Honeymoon was great. GREAT, I say!
I sold my set for around $200 when I got out. Not bad considering their original cost.
First edition set of tbd original Pokmon cards sold for $107k. Definitely should have held onto mine a lot longer. Hard to think something that easy to store costing so much.
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Im the naive idiot who thinks things will finally happen differently on the 8th viewing of a tv show. :wereallyneedasweatsmile:

I hope you will be ok and nothing to serious.