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Wait, who are you?
I always thought it was just one other person posting here...
Now I'm confused about which one I am.
Wow, we all changed our pfps to the same picture at the same exact time. What a coincidence.
Is it me or is everyone starting to look alike?
I also do charity work on the side.
I pride myself on making the invasion of my privacy completely unrewarding.

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In other news, Plant Based Reeseís.
Needs some work. Chocolate forward. Definitely a cost issue, in light of higher price. There are plenty of chocolates out there that would work, taste-wise.
yes, the law is usually nuts

Originally Posted by John McClane
Originally Posted by doubledenim
I read over that stuff a couple times and it still doesnít make sense.

How the British royal family has any bearing on American law is lost on me.
itís because that part of common law was codified under monarchs/feudal lords, so it has legal standing thatís easy to defend. plus, that particular family is huge, so only 1 grand child need live to see their 80s for Disney to secure a cool 100+ years of control

itís genius, and i love it
I get that, but the fact that itís still viable is nuts. It worked out for Disneyís loopholing, but itís just as ridiculous that it exists.