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ahhh just booked ticket to see black panther wakanda forever on november 9th 😍😍😍😍
a THOUSAND times... YEWTf am i typing?!
"Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that."
I love how the internet has turned into a massive "let me complain about this thing that other people are doing even tho I'm doing something so similar I might as well be complaining about myself".
If you dont vomit on vacation youre doing it wrong
Originally Posted by ynwtf
Ha. Nice!
No, not nice.

I did, however, swear like a sailor, very loudly, the whole time I was cleaning up. Did it make me feel better? Well, since hubby was already snoring, no, it did not.
Ha. Nice!
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We went on a cruise after high school graduation and a buddy of mine was wearing a horrible tie-dye Star Wars shirt he got when we went to the Redneck Riveria for Senior Week.

He was sitting in a chair and projectile vomited into a group of Brazilians on a carpet dance floor.

My mind has forever been unclean.
My hubby had the decency (?) to vomit in the stateroom bathroom, but he's so tall and he was standing up, so that the vomit hit the toilet and literally bounced back up and sprayed the walls of the small bathroom. At 3 a.m. Then he took a shower and went to bed!

I had few options, so I chose to use nearly every towel in the bathroom to clean up that bathroom. I didn't want the room steward to have to see/deal with it. And I didn't want to try to use that bathroom until it had been moderately cleaned up.

He didn't really drink the rest of the cruise. Despite getting free drinks in their casino. Lesson learned.
Your mother lived in a case?????

Yeah. Was a nice tribute and great soundtrack, but that's about it. It was a 2-hour drive, one way, but the theater was pretty cool. One screen, old fashioned red curtain, and a lineup of coming movies through October. The Thing will be playing October 31, so I'm thinking about going back! I hate that mom lived there so long and we never knew this place existed. In the city. Not in the theater. Just in case.