The Shoutbox
It was the TDI. Super practical commuter car. I had to shift like 60% less. And everything was mushy/quiet.
Must not have been the GTI...😕
But as soon as I got back in the FRS and drove off the lot I knew theres no way I was switching to that Golf.
I always say stupid **** just to mess with car salesmen. My favorite one was when I said This car wont work because the steering wheel has radio control buttons on it.

He was like uhh.
A decent 7 iron.
"What will it take to get you into this Golf today?"
I test drove that VW Golf today. Used car salesmen are a special type of breed.
I want one of those as well. That would come in handy.
As a ramen lover, I need one of those!
well, we do get a random rattler. from time to time.