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We also have a heroin epidemic here, too.

Yesterday's visit to Walmart involved seeing a woman smoking in her car, a group of teens talking loudly about how much crack they smoked on the way there, and a woman in the check out line with tread marks on her feet.
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I saw a woman smoking meth/crack in the Walmart parking lot, and then I overheard some people in the store talking about dat rock.

Gotta love the Appalachians.

I gave a guy in a Fred Myers parking lot in WA the benefit of the doubt, "Hey, maybe he's shooting his insulin."

Nope. Definitely speed. Insulin doesn't make you act like that.
I doubt it was speed. We have a heroin epidemic here.
*Googles George Jones*

How old are you, dude?
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Remember, lawnmowers donít run on whiskey.
Is that a George Jones reference?
Remember, lawnmowers donít run on whiskey.
Hmmmm ..... went to mow the front lawn and the lawnmower blew up right as I started.

I am soooo excited to see Burn Gorman. He was amazing in Turn: Washington's Spies. I have no doubt he will be just as awesome here.
Now that it ha switched networks, Chrisjen Avasarala can finally swear as much as she does in the books.
Geeking out

Whatís crazy is I then overheard some people talking about smoking rock in the store.

I was like what Walmart in hell did I go to?!