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Jargos and jarpenter shorts are seasonal favs, but some have been known to wear them year roundí.

Donít forget to finish your ensemble with a stunning short-sleeve button-up dazzler!
Welcome to the Box of denim! You never know what youíre gonna get. Could be Jncos, could be Silvertabs. If youíre lucky you might catch a pair of tight-rolled!
HoboMax is gonna do for Reno 911! what Netflix did for The Office.
They realized they gotta get that bird off the ground! No Holds Barred! Put everything on there!
oh Double-D? good news just reached my eyeballs:


now on hbomax. Can i help yo...can i help YOU?
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R.I.P. Hank Aaron.
R.I.P. Hank Aaron.
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Where is Miss Vicky?
I think she took some time off from the site
well it shows she hasnt been on for 15 days cause last post she post was 15 days ago. almost put 15 years ago lol D=
Yeah, she will probably be back. The user I really miss right now is lenslady :/
yea she will be back when she has time =]. awhhh hopefully shes okay D=
Hey Joel! Good to see ya, stick around sometime.
Hello to you both