The Shoutbox
We had booze at our company Christmas party last year. I went to find out who the alcoholics were and turns out I was still one.
Well done The Cherry Blossoms, 'kin brilliant game and performance!
Cherry on top. A bunch of soused/non-soused people arguing over scorecards and door-prizes.
Even better when they are mixed in with the "I don't touch the stuff" people. Better yet, if they have to share a cart together
How bout this one?

I have ceased to be surprised by the amount people will drink at company events (golf tournament) . Of all the times to pull in the reigns, these are those special occasions

"Hey Dan, yeah I saw you riding on the back of a cart waving a 9-iron in air, shouting 'the British are coming, the British are coming' .

About that promotion you've been asking for..."
My work area is hysterical.
Mac Pro is fully operational. Installing GarageBand now. I have a feeling Ill be buying Logic Pro X in the next few months.
Ohhh Randy...
That sounds like a SP episode.
Is South Park doubledenim?