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I loved both Eternal Sunshine and Being John Malkovich, but haven't seen enough to get truly excited. Would like to check out Adaptation and Synecdoche, New York eventually.
Me too.
I'm looking forward to it.
Anyone excited about the new Charlie Kaufman film?
Coffee naps 4L
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Tweed car interior: yay or nay?
I've got some Hartman luggage you can sit on to see if that is how you want to travel.

I know tweed use to be a thing, but how comfortable is that gonna be?
Well, I probably should have said tweed inserts. But seat wise I'm thinking something like this:
That is almost spot on for the Hartman aesthetic. Use to be tweed with belting leather. That leather is a few shades darker.
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YEAH DD!!! Get AWN'IT! it'll be at least 2 years before i get around to updating my watch list I started from two years ago. you got a wide lead here.
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I really hope I beat Unregistered in getting my review of ‚ÄúIím Thinking of Ending Things‚ÄĚ in phurst.
I don't see one?
My humor always misses the mark, but thatís why I find it funny 🤩

When there are people that can formulate a thought and articulate well, thereís no need for mine. I donít even want to read mine. Let alone if that movie is half as weird as they say it is.
And yes, I silently judge people who have a mess in their car. If youíre living out of your car thatís one thing. But have some respect!
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dude. that looks HOT. and I mean sweaty nastiness collecting in that fabric, baking in the oven that is your car like bad government cheese on a radiator. =\
Hahahaha. I think it looks badass. And clean ya car if you donít want it to smell like cheese.

My mind might be disorganized but the car...the car can never be allowed to follow into such disarray. Borderline crazy.
I have NO idea why I'm so jumpy this morning. =\ I couldn't sleep last night. maybe I'm just hopped up from that. it's a 3-day weekend coming too, so maybe that's planting seeds of energy bombs. man. when i was a kid i wanted to drink energon. those decepticons made it look like lemonade.
Oh my T-V-C-1-5, woah-oh!