The Shoutbox
didnt you hear? you can only watch stuff on netflix you own. new feature. seems whack
well, if i already have it why would i need netflix? that's just silly.
Phantom Thread is also available on Netflix if you have it.
MoFo 2010s countdown revealed Phantom Thread....... and it's on UK BBC2 at 23:20.
About 90 minutes from now.
The Scatbox?
right? i love poo humor, but i'm not about to subject any squares to it

yeah, nope. i can't come up with anything funny that's not just as disgusting lol.
Ahhhh, I do so enjoy reading the first flushes of a new conversation....
kick down the seat and let's text about it.
Originally Posted by ynwtf
we all float, down here.
would toilet humor be too much here? asking for a friend