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Wish they'd cast Christie Brinkley in Downton Abbey.
Very interested in seeing how the Downton Abbey movie performs. Seems like a small but rabid fan base.

I've heard of people naming animals after the characters
Random quote

"If your man can't accept the way you look in your bonnet,
he aint Shhh."
Diaper and a shower cap is a look that might breakthrough. I mean, it all depends on how you accessorize it, but yeah.
Originally Posted by John McClane
Is it pants pooping time? Because I'm trying to get in on that fad.
Im starting to get a handle on this writing, and a solid idea is starting to form. I already have about a minutes worth written for the first song on my first mixtape.
Picasso said so!

That would be a great punchline to a crappy joke.
Originally Posted by Chypmunk
Really wish Amazon had called their 'virtual assistant' Oof instead of Alexa. So much more funner.
Mildred, get me Bezos on the horn.
OK, that's too funny. ****ting is bad but having shat is rad.
That reminds me of the time I shat out a kidney...
I just had a brown baby boy...