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In regards to the new and bada** Amazon Fire Phone: why does AT&T always get the cool phones? Their coverage BLOWS in my area.
Also, I mostly like to write dark stuff, and the dark stuff really takes it out of you.
Yeah, that makes total sense. I feel like my writing has reached the point that it far out weighs my life experiences. Then again, I've had some pretty crazy experiences. Just don't know if I wanna write about it.
When I was about your age, one of my writing teachers (this was a poetry class) at Carnegie Mellon said, "Your sonnet is technically flawless. You followed the form, your images are all right and consistent. The problem is, you just don't have anything to SAY yet."

So, my advice? Wait thirty years and you'll have PLENTY to say.
Gah, writing is such a self-deprecating task for me these days. I know I gotta write crap before I write good stuff, and I hate editing upon editing. I know how the writing process works but I'm basically just lazy.
I'm at my yearly writing conference. I'm using it as a personal writing retreat this year. Clocked more than 3,000 new words on the novel project today. And I won 1st place in both of the daily humor prompt contests this evening.

Good first day!
You've not cold-called me yet.
I'm getting to be a pro at this call center business.