The Shoutbox
They're good. I'm sure all those kids are already a little wet behind the ears anyway.
No joke, we are like 2-2.5 ft away from the creek flooding the road into campus.
Massive flooding in my city. We taking on water, captain!
Hi all!
Let's get out of the car and stand in line with the 2 other people in the rain and wait for the store to open
good morning
The next two titles are up on the MoFo Westerns Countdown. Enjoy!
Yeah, that one could go either way, but the subtitles track says fish heads. But I hear phys ed.

You summarized my entire life of trying to decipher song lyrics.
you know, most of my life I thought the kid said "man, you smell like fish heads!" when actually, the kid just said, "man, you smell like phys. ed!"

I kinda think that this mistake set me on a path leading to this very moment in time and space. you reference fish. McClane watched goonies. i misunderstood a quote linking both. paths are converging. something is happening right now in the universe. this is exciting.
Animatronic ear or just a clever use of fishing line ? 🎣