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Got a set of 16 Robert peak posters all with original holders and authenticity at a garage sale for $11.

Here's a picture of one that I got:

And the same one being sold at a gallery:
SC, I noticed someone is whacking the bag in your avatar...
I'll wait for the DVD I think... I can watch it to death for £10 rather than spend £25 every time I want to see it.
I've got my Man Of Steel review done...
Since Sunday this site has been almost impossible for me to get. Everywhere else I go on the internet is normal. It loads here like forever, and often when it is done I get a blank page or server error message or the attempt to load just conks out and I am still on the same page. Right now it is a little less slow and I can eventually get where I want to. But that is probably just for the moment. When I see it is extremely slow I don't try to get on anymore because I know it is not going to load for me. Now I will copy this shout before I hit the post button because it may not transfer the first time I try to post or not at all.

Six attempts to post and and bow the shout message box is at the top next to Movie Forums heading. One more try...
We can only dare to dream at this point.
This is what happens when Will isn't around
It just reached double digits
Shoutbox was boring today
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Though I think the age of consent is much less than 150 in West Virginia.
Oops. I didn't see the 1 and the 5.