The Shoutbox
*sigh* someone clearly stole an "at" from that shout - an 'at' attack I guess it would be called

If only I knew how to edit a shout, or even how to delete one so I could retype it....
Tbh I'd rather run across it than walk across it as the longer gait would minimise any chance of physical contact ..... but yeah, prolly best not to go near it all if one doesn't have to.
Here's to hoping none of our Australian members run across a radioactive capsule
I'm surviving on peanut butter and jelly. I don't even know what day it is I'm so hungry
I’ll see your small donkeys, vacation tchotchkes and raise you “sugar-free hard candy”.

More commonly known as “trumpet fuel”
🎺 ⛽️
*lights a match*
two birds, one stone kinda thing.
Is it hot in here...or is it just me?
Send a maniac to catch one...