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I got as far as Poop Chute...
It's definitely one of those things where you know after the first sentence if it's something you want to read.
I read the first phrase and stopped
Rooty Tooty Fresh And Fruity Booty

This has to go on everyone's User Title...
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The "rooty tooty fresh and fruity booty" box.
We put so much pepper in all of our food now, it has actually given our food an unbelievable amount of flavor.
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Well, I sure am glad I didn't die before hearing those words in that order.
Just watched Devil (2010)...

... not sure what all the hype was about. Not a single scare and a storyline that could have been written in 5 minutes.
Originally Posted by Harry Lime
I don't know, largely safe isn't completely safe.
I'm just thinking of some really small, subtle stuff mainly. I don't think there are any significant spoilers in there that aren't marked appropriately.

If you don't end up posting in it, I'd even be interested in just hearing your thoughts on the season via PM.