The Shoutbox
Just a afe w beers will do em good.
Sounds like MattJohn found his way into the booze again.
OH yeah, feeling reaolly good. XD
Please be sure to keep us updated on that.
The server is too busy at the moment. Please try again later.

This sucks.
I use mobile broadband, so usually it's my connection that's playing up...

But I noticed earlier that MoFO was acting up yet all the rest of t'web was ok... which is why I thought I'd say something in the Shoutbox.
It is this site and not me having the problem? I always assume with my connection the problem is my end. Although ever since they fixed the phone line when it went Kaput, the DSL service has been considerably better even compared prior to the telephone line going out.
Cool... just thought I'd bring it up etc.

What causes it? Too many online nearby?

I know between 4pm and 5pm the internet around here gets really slow.

Between 9am and 10am, MoFo is completely inaccessible too.
It's not just you; server's really strained at the moment. Sorry about that.
'm also having a lot of trouble getting stuff to load... I tried using the search function and it wouldn't work... I had to go through all the pages one by one to find the Terminator 5 thread.

Plus Shoutbox is really slow at loading at the moment too.
** Terminator 5**