The Shoutbox
So, when the shoutbox stops working for willy. We'll just never even know he's gone, yeah?
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Originally Posted by Powdered Water
Please be sure to keep us updated on that.
The server is too busy at the moment. Please try again later.

Still sucks.
Oh yeah, I've got a lot of doozes saved up.
ANd I talk morme tin general, to. So there's jsut momre oppiutnies fo rme to miss it ype things. XD
I ctend to talk aboatu tos mse weir d stuff ehwen I"m drunk.
I sitasll wanna see what all you've saved because i KNow there's some doozes in there. XD
Don't worry everyone, I'm saving this. Keeping it right with all the other times he's come in here drunk.
woah, that wone was pretty bad!
Besiees, it's snot that I"m palstersd> I just odn't care to fix the type s from typing to fasgt.
Just a afe w beers will do em good.