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OMG, these cans sound sooooo good.
Still have not seen Twin Peaks.
Just watched the whole series for the first time last month. I miss Invitation to Love from the second season.
I got the Twin Peaks box set for Christmas and am watching it for the first time in years.

It's a lot more 'daytime soap opera' than I remember, but that's not necessarily a bad thing...
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I'm not an "album" person. Of the albums I like and have listened to all the way through, I doubt they'd even make this list.
I'm not an "album" person either, but I still managed to come up with a list of 25.
I'm the same way SC... Though I think Dark Side of the Moon is the greatest album on earth, I'm more of a song person, I guess I look at each song like an album. And there's some albums with really great songs, and some that aren't so.. I feel I'm not being articulate by naming albums, so I like to be specific
I am almost done reading "Cassavetes by Cassavetes" - it's great.. If you want it, message me, I have it on pdf
He's gonna knock you out, too. His mother told him to.
L L Cool J is hard as hell!
I think you should send Sexy like 5 PMs a day until the deadline.
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Except me.
Why's that?