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"Ever dance with the devil in the pale moonlight?"

- Jack Nicholson
Most memorable line in a movie?
Ive been mostly surviving on lettuce/onion salad with tomato juice for dressing and oatmeal. Been this way a few months. Lost almost 50 lbs.
Surprise surprise
I have acquired another CRT, which brings me up to 2. This new one is a 27" Panasonic with a M tube.

w'ey ya ayt?!
Originally Posted by John McClane
I'm surviving on peanut butter and jelly. I don't even know what day it is I'm so hungry
Good to know what time it is!
Jay Leno needs to take up a pedestrian hobby. Literally. Not necessarily dull or commonplace but something that doesn't involve internal combustion engines. Perambulate Jay.
Ten x-rays a day, keeps proper cell production at bay
Driving past it or over is almost certainly no grave cause for concern.

Of all the things that will kill you in Australia, this is pretty low on the list.

Conceptually, however, it's a terrifying screw up. A little spoonful of death waiting for the poor soul who might stumble upon it.
*sigh* someone clearly stole an "at" from that shout - an 'at' attack I guess it would be called

If only I knew how to edit a shout, or even how to delete one so I could retype it....