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More specific would be not paying the full amount of alimony to my mom. What's funny is they served him papers forcing him to court, so he had to forgo paying the mortgage payment from October so he could afford coming back east for the hearing.
Contempt of court.
My dad almost went to jail today.
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African Queen, Lawrence Of Arabia, All About Eve, The Philadelphia Story, Duck Soup, Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?, The Shawshank Redemption or Bringing Up Baby. I think you'd like all of them.
Yes to all of these!
So I picked up an unlocked Motorola G tonight. Practically the same performance as the iPhone 6 but 1/4th of the cost, and I can make free calls over WiFi.
Denzel is better in at least a half dozen others IMO. Still good performance though
Saw Malcolm X and the sequel Malcolm Y.

Looks like it's On the Waterfront then Duck Soup tomorrow.
Y'all should Malcom X, holy shit Denzel is good.