The Shoutbox
I think a top 10 should get points equating to 25-16... no top 25? No top points

Anyway, I won 50% of my matches tonight. Keeps the stats up
If your not apart of the Buffy rewatch club yet you should join before we get too far ahead. We are currently on the 7th episode of the first season. I'll even allow some catching up.

If you haven't seen it yet, and some in the club haven't, you have no idea what you're missing. Come watch with us and find out.
Oooo. Shouts fired.
Good luck to whoever has to run the '60s list many months from now. I'm setting the bar high, Chumps.
We had sixty-two participants for the '80s list. We've built well on that.
...I really want to hit a hundred ballots.
It's darned good. Plus there are at least a dozen I know for sure who swear are still turning in ballots. That already puts us into the 90s, numbers wise. And I have been shamelessly harassing every eligible member I can think of, so even if only a handful of those MoFos respond in time...
woah, 79? I'm not around here much these days but that's a lot, right??
More, please.
Just got a slew of ballots. That makes seventy-nine so far, and climbing.
And I haven't gotten a ballot since this morning. Let's pick up the pace, huh?