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Tomorrow I shall attempt open heart surgery on my Aga. Well, service it myself once the wick arrives...

What was a charming olde worlde throwback when I moved has now become a pain in the rear costing me 250 in heating oil every 7 weeks.

The countryside is not all brilliant!
I watched an Aussie flick the other night, too...The Loved Ones.

That...was harsh...
I was going to say "you're up early," but then I realized that you can probably sense whenever someone says "hashtag" in here and it woke you up.
It's a pound sign.
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First time using the shout box
double you double you double you dot cool dot coe dot you kay
Just watched The Rover. Those Australians sure know how to do cinema!
Welcome to the 'box!
Transmission received. Success!
First time using the shout box
My first one was done when I was drunk. I don't really remember getting it. I remember bits and pieces but not much. I had it fixed up to where I like it a lot now, but not much before.