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So there is a length limit on PMs!?! Colour me shocked
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Why do pancakes trigger me so? Friggin pancakes.
Ewwwwwwww, you are one sick puppy Yin!

Note to self: decline the offer of pancakes if ever round Yin's for brekkie
(it's been broken for a few weeks)
The air conditioning in my house should be fixed by next week, so that's good.
Why do pancakes trigger me so? Friggin pancakes.
Although I am currently on my phone while at work. (Shhhhhh)
That might make a difference, Id say.

Seems to work fine for me
Apparently I need to go practice the Smileys again. I've completely data dumped how they pop up on here.
Wow, that kept messing up. It posted twice, so I deleted one and then they both disappeared. That was very confusing.
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I miss Florida.

I miss the beach and the lack of humidity. The humidity in Tennessee is about to kill me.
You trying to say going to Memphis for 4th of July is a bad idea? 😅
Although I've actually never been to Memphis, I would never say such a thing about any location in my homeland of Tennessee. However, if it does end up sucking, don't blame me. :-p

Apparently I've lived in North Carolina for one year, but I was too young to even know I was there.