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Thinkin' I'm gonna do an Ink review this weekend.
U wot M8
Troll forums is dead y'all
Ready to not sleep like always, saw the first one of the new season, I can't believe that for a second I thought 1 hour was going to be boring, this series is amazing!!
It isn't something serious though, that made it sound like it was. haha
Any mods online? Yoda isn't here, so are any of you guys being invisible? If so could you please message me?
They passed the info along to me, said they needed a specialist.
Dumbass spammer.
I passed all those addresses onto my pals at the Met, Fraud Office and the NCA.

They even paid cash! What's not to like?

Party on!
Originally Posted by Tacitus
Today, I shall mostly be doing an impression of a hotelier.

I've been left in charge of some holiday cottages for the weekend and I'll be welcoming my first set of guests in around an hour.

They won't know what's hit 'em!
Faulty Tatties.