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mozzarella sticks
Got fired cause you stopped doing work? **** you and your time clock.mid
Recommended song per situation:

-Can't fix your problem -> I'm Sorry.mid
-Co-worker you don't get along with -> Why Can't We Be Friends.mid
-Invitation to go to lunch -> Hungry Like the Wolf.mid
-Manager tells you off > Mr. Big Stuff.mid
-Customer has an overly complex issue -> Complicated.mid
managed to squeeze my MIDI keyboard behind my desk at work. time to jam, man
not that anyone actually cared about what they said, tho.
if you have enough money Vanity Fair will say real nice things about you
gosh darn mondays
Originally Posted by John McClane
i want a pixar movie about what office supplies get up to after working hours
Hope everyone is having a pleasant evening.
Good evening to all.
poorer than sin
and a pourer of gin
if i poured out my soul
id find an abundance of yin