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You've not cold-called me yet.
I'm getting to be a pro at this call center business.
It would be nice to have in an office
Kinda takes the joy out of the slinky. A slinky on a treadmill. I can't picture this making any money.
The rules are only I and Will.15 are allowed to post them -- you must submit a request to either one of us no later than the third Thursday of every lunar month to have your video posted on the Shoutbox first page some time in the following six weeks -- so you better take that down now before you get banned.
I am not sure what the rules are of posting YouTube videos on here are so I am just going to do it, this, is, awesome!
You just can't please some people.
I wish three dive-bombing swallows would head-butt my front porch.
Originally Posted by Tacitus
My front porch (not a euphemism, you mucky lot) is getting dive bombed by swallows. They're head-butting the front door.

Is this normal?
I spotted at least three euphemisms in that shout.